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RGS Students Commended for their Good Citizenship

Students commended on their good citizenship

Redland Green School is really proud of five of its students, who over the weekend proved what good citizens they are and how mature and clear-headed they can be in an emergency. 

The boys were walking to a bonfire event near Whiteladies Road when they heard a loud noise. They ran towards the direction of the sound and came across a woman lying unconscious in the road, the result of a car crash. Another car was coming down the darkly lit side street so they ran into the road and forced the traffic to stop before it reached the woman. Then they told all the road traffic to put hazard warning lights on to warn any further traffic. Callum phoned the emergency services and while waiting for an ambulance to arrive they all took off their coats and sweatshirts to keep the still-unconscious lady warm.

Apparently, there had been an accident between two cars and after getting out of her car to inspect the damage the lady had fainted in the road. The boys continued to hold an umbrella over her until the Police arrived and they were able to give a full explanation of what had happened. The Police congratulated them on their quick-thinking and citizenship.

Dan, Kabir, Callum, Josh and Joe, we are really proud of you. Well done!