Redland Green School

RGS Bristol

RGS Students Involved in Research into Cigarette Packaging In-conjunction with University of Bristol

GCSE and A-Level Psychology students from RGS have recently been involved in important psychological research in-conjunction with The University of Bristol.  PhD student, Olivia Maynard, from the School of Experimental Psychology, has been conducting research into the effects of plain packaged cigarettes. 


There has been great interest in the potential introduction of plain packaging of cigarettes to the UK. Plain packaged cigarettes would be sold in plain brown packages with the branding in a standard font alongside a graphic health warning. The introduction of plain packaging of tobacco products would be the final step in the comprehensive ban of all tobacco advertising. Young people represent the major opportunity group for the tobacco industry with around two-thirds of current smokers reporting starting smoking before the age of 18. It is therefore vital to determine the effect that plain packaging will have on attitudes to smoking in this vulnerable group.  Olivia is investigating how pupils from years 10 to 12 at Redland Green School view different types of cigarette packages. Using eye tracking technology, this study aims to determine how plain packaging might influence attention to the health warnings on cigarette packages. This research is very important and has the potential to guide future policy decisions about restrictions on tobacco packaging and the design and placement of health warnings.