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RGS Students in the Evening Post: Kick out the Jams! Students rock out with music system...

Redland Green School students and its revolutionary new music system, JamPod, were written about in the Evening Post, dated Monday, 21 January. To read the article click here. For more information about JamPod read the press release below...

Redland Green School: the first school in Bristol to utilise revolutionary JamPod music teaching system!

'JamPod' enables multiple musicians to rehearse sound free in a ‘silent’ classroom.

By utilising the latest in electronic instruments and the JamHub TourBus, each music student at Redland Green can now enter their own private rehearsal when they enter their 'JamPod' and put on their headphones.

The system also enables each musician to control their own personal mix of sounds. Drummers always want to hear the bass guitar, singers prefer more keyboards and lead guitar, with 'JamPod' each musician can personally control what they hear.

The Value of Music for Students

Redland Green School is firmly committed to providing a broad and rich curriculum to its students, and music is a highly established area of this curriculum and an area where students shine.

Three of our Year 7 students, which make up the band Mini Attack, have recently been receiving lots of press attention not just for their musical talent but also for their entrepreneurialism. The trio have been busking in Bristol City Centre in order to start saving up for University. This in turn has led them to release a charity Christmas single and they have also sung with Ed Sheeran!

The Henley Review on Music Education in England states that music is  ‘an enriching and valuable academic subject with important areas of knowledge that need be learnt, including how to play an instrument and sing’. In addition ‘secondary benefits of a quality music education are those of increased self-esteem and aspirations; improved behaviour and social skills; and improved academic attainment in areas such as numeracy, literacy and language’.

Recommendation 33 in the Henley Review went on to state, “further work should be undertaken to develop a national plan for the use of technology in the delivery of Music Education – and to ensure that the workforce is up-to-date with latest developments.”

JamPod at Redland Green School

We are delighted to become the first school in Bristol with JamPod, which brings with it a wealth of benefits for our students. The system will help to inspire and empower all students, even the shyest students, to engage and enjoy music learning and performing. In addition, it will transform our curriculum, resulting in higher achievement and progress. And as a solution to Recommendation 33 in the Henley Review (see above), it uses technology in the delivery of music education.

Further to this it enables students to work independently and in groups all in one classroom. The classroom becomes a ‘silent classroom’, with up to 6 groups working independently from one another, freeing up rooms for music lessons.

JamPod also provides other opportunities for community links. Redland Green School will collaborate with local Primary Schools so they can also share the benefits of JamPod with their pupils.

Headteacher Sarah Baker stated. “JamPod is a really important investment. At Redland Green School we are firmly committed to providing students with practical opportunities to make music and to ensuring students have a broad and deep curriculum that includes creative subjects that are central to our students learning.”

Emily Wilson, Head of Music Learning at Redland Green School added, “Getting the JamPod has completely transformed music learning in Redland Green School. Not only can students learn in groups in the same classroom, without creating any noise, but the set up means that student-teacher feedback becomes much more personalised and the quality of peer assessment increases. Since students have been using the JamPod, our rehearsal rooms at lunchtimes are full to the brim with students desperately wanting to learn an instrument outside of lesson times! There is excitement in the air here and I do not want that to disappear!“