Redland Green School

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RGS Success at Regional Languages Speaking Competition

On Wednesday, 9 March, six students from Redland Green School competed in a Regional Languages Speaking Competition. The students that took part were Leonora and Luke, Year 10, Raphaelle and Issi, Year 9, and Marta and Maddie, Year 7.

We all caught the morning train to Bath and stopped at a café before starting the long walk to the Royal High School.

Marta won the prize for Key Stage 3 Near-Native Speakers; Raphaelle won the prize for Key Stage 4 Near-Native Speakers; Issi won runner up at KS3 Non-Native Speakers and I won Runner-Up for Key Stage 4 Non-Native Speakers.

All of us that took part prepared and spoke our entries to a very high standard, and we did well to represent our school to the region against some tough competition from six other schools.

Luke (Year 10 student)