Redland Green School

RGS Bristol

RGS Young Leaders Organise Food Collection for the Julian Trust Night Shelter

Over the past two weeks we have been running a food collection for the Julian Trust Night Shelter in Bristol. This was organised by the RGS Young Leaders group who had to promote and advertise the campaign, as well as take responsibility for collecting all items from pupils in school. 


The Young Leaders decided to run the event as a competition between Mentor Groups and Houses, with each item donated being worth one point. The competitive element proved to be effective as we managed to collect far more than we had anticipated, with an estimated £300 worth of food being donated.  Congratulations to Hume, the winning Mentor Group, who collected over 40 items. We also need to say a massive thank you to everyone for donating items and making it a real success.

A big well done and thank you to the following students that helped: Grace, Esme, Sapphire, Charlotte, Ben, Daisy, Anna, Elliott, Amy, Anna, Emily, Rachel, Joe and Alex.