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RGS's Spelling Competition Final

Recently Redland Green School’s inaugural Spelling Competition Final took place in the Dining Hall during a Friday lunchtime.  Each Mentor Group had previously run a spelling competition to determine who would represent them in a House Final.  The mentor champions then battled it out to determine who would be their house representatives in the Grand Final. Congratulations to the winning Mentor Groups for each house: Teal for the Ducks, Thekla for the Larks, Brent for the Geese and Yemen for the Warblers.  For the final we opened up the Dance Studio so the competition could take place with an audience.  The warm up for the main event was a staff spelling competition.  Valiant commiserations go to Miss Tune and Mr Kennett, beaten by a beaming Mr Maule.

The final itself was quite an intense competition with vocal support filling the air, making the environment a tricky one to compete in.  It was fantastic to see Year 7 students battling word-for-word with Year 11 students.  Eventually, the numbers dwindled and we were left with our top three.  Meg (Year 11, Thekla) came third, Nicole (Year 9, Brent) was second and our winner was Amelia (Year 9, Brent).  Very many congratulations to her and to all involved.  Already we are looking forward to Amelia defending her title next year!

The Finalists were:

Mr Harvey

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