Redland Green School

RGS Bristol

Redland Green Community Chorus on the Loose in Bristol with Daytime Song Raids

Redland Green Community Chorus is throwing its weight behind Bristol’s claim to be the UK’s Song City.

The choir, based at Redland Green School, is taking part in the Gathering Voices Festival of Song.

The 10-day Festival, which starts on Friday, 12 October, brings together the extraordinary range and repertoire of the city’s singers, choirs, ensembles, vocal artists and groups.

Bristol will resonate with outstanding performances, workshops, open rehearsals and song raids spanning classical, community, contemporary, gospel, world roots and sacred music.

The weekly rehearsal at school on Monday was largely spent polishing the songs chosen for the Festival.

The choir is on the loose on Saturday, breaching the peace and startling lunchtime shoppers, tourists and other peaceful citizens by bursting into song without warning.

Not sure? Well, be at M-Shed at 1.30pm, Pero’s Bridge at 1.50pm, Millennium Square at 2.10pm, College Green at 3.30pm and Cascade Steps at 3.50pm.

That’s how you will hear Redland Green’s unaccompanied versions of ‘This little light of mine’, ‘Keep you in peace’ (some hope!), ‘Shoshone love song’, ‘Lean on me’, ‘Make you feel my love’, ‘We shall overcome’ and ‘It don’t mean a thing’.

There is also an early evening performance next Monday in the new foyer at the Colston Hall. From 6.05pm for 30 minutes the choir will sing ‘Keep you in peace’, ‘Gitika’, ‘Shoshone love song’, ‘For the beauty of the earth’, ‘Hallelujah’ (Leonard Cohen, not Handel), ‘Lean on me’, ‘Make you feel my love’, ‘We shall overcome’ and ‘It don’t mean a thing’.

Then they will make a swift return to school for the usual Monday rehearsal – starting at 7.20pm.