Redland Green School

RGS Bristol

Redland Green School Expansion

Press Release 28 September 2015

In response to growing applications for places in the North of the city, further works have now been agreed to expand the existing block E of Redland Green School in order to provide additional capacity in the school.

The building works will be completed in partnership with Bristol City Council and will mark completion of the original planned scheme undertaken 9 years ago when funding restrictions prevented building to the full planning consent.

Lawayne Jefferson, Chair of Governors says "It is very good news that this block will finally be completed. There has been even greater pressure on places as primary schools have expanded and demand has increased"

Paul Jacobs, Service Director for Education, said: “We’re committed to ensuring children and young people in Bristol can access an excellent education and learn in high quality environments, so I’m delighted that we’re working in partnership with Redland Green School on this project.”

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