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Redland Green Sports Dinner 2013

The Bristol Hotel was the venue for this year’s Sports Dinner held on Friday, 17 May. The evening saw 90 students attend the evening from Year 10, Year 11, Year 12 and Year 13, which celebrated the student’s success and dedication to PE and school sport.

The students looked incredibly smart; boys in their suits and tuxedos, girls in dresses with coordinated heels and handbags. The evening was a great success with team and friendship photos being taken throughout the evening by the professional photographer. The students and staff completed Mr Spence’s sports quiz whilst enjoying a superb two-course meal, which was followed by the award presentations and disco. The students on the dance floor were bouncing until the end of the evening.

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Sadly we also celebrated the end of Ms Winter’s time at Redland Green. We are delighted that Ms Winter has a new job as Head of Department at Clevedon School. It seemed fitting to celebrate all Ms Winter has achieved at RGS at the Sports dinner. The Year 11 girls had prepared a short speech and presentation to show their appreciation for all they’ve experienced in PE and School Sport over the last 5 years.

It was great to see so many students from across the year groups enjoying the evening. We wish the Year 11’s the best of luck in their exams and their futures. We hope to see many back next year in Post 16 and hope all continue to enjoy sport and physical activity.

Photos from the evening can still be viewed and purchased from Password: 3bris71

RGS Sports Dinner Award winners 2013 

Year 10 Male Sports Personality  Oliver Hines

Year 10 Female Sports Personality  Erin Whalan

Year 11 Male Sports Personality  Mike Rice

Year 11 Female Sports Personality  Poppy Warren

Year 10 GCSE PE Student of the Year  Ethan Flanagan

Year 11 GCSE PE Student of the Year  Ruth Lowis

AS-Level PE Student of the Year  Becky Harris

A-Level PE Student of the Year  Dan McKimm

PE Students of the year Male   Joe Pearce

PE Student of the year Female  Ellie Daniel

Star of the Future  Ben Last

Year 10 and 11 Team Players Player Awards

Year 11 Rugby Players Player  Mike Rice

Year 10 Rugby Players Player  Max Williamson

Year 11 Football Players Player  Niall Weston

Year 10 Football Players Player  Zach Beese

Senior Boys Basketball Players Player  Will Gray

Year 11 Netball Players Player  Sophie Scroggs

Year 10 Netball Players Player  Evie Fyfe-Williams

Senior Girls Hockey Players Player  Poppy Warren

Senior Girls Basketball Players Player  Ella Godfroy

Senior Girls Football Players Player  Alice Bonham-Carter

Senior Boys Cricket Players Player  Prevan Nayanah Rajh

Senior Girls Rounders Players Player  Polly Hatcher

Mr S Bailey

Subject Leader of PE