Redland Green School

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Redland Green Students Attended 'Women and Careers in Medicine' Conference 19 May 2017

Four year 10 Redland Green girls joined students from state and independent schools across the region for a special conference at The Red Maids' School designed to encourage girls into careers in medicine and biological sciences.

Students were joined by a host of experienced speakers and workshop leaders, providing invaluable insight into their respective specialist disciplines.

The girls took part in a diverse range of workshops and valued the opportunity to access notable speakers and experts in order to help them make informed decisions about their futures.

“I found the Women and Careers in Medicine conference a very informative and enjoyable day which helped me to gauge a broader perspective at life with a career in Medicine. Both talks were inspiring as they spoke of individual experiences from memorable days at Medicine school to serving 8 months in Afghanistan. Seeing so many young women joining together also felt empowering!”(Madeleine C Year 10)

“I really enjoyed this conference! I want to study medicine, and I learnt that there are so many interesting pathways and careers within medicine that I wasn't aware of before. It was great to hear straight from the voice of women in the profession, and it surprised and inspired me to know how many women have a career in medicine today. I am very grateful for the opportunity.” (Hager M Year 10)

“I really enjoyed all the lectures at the conference because each gave an exclusive look into a different part of medicine in the modern day. I found the keynote talks very useful and interesting but enjoyed looking at the 100,000 genome project the most as it gave a look into the ground-breaking science of the future.” (Rose H Year 10)

For students interested in a career with the NHS, here is a website worth exploring.


Ms Yeganeh

Work Related Learning & Enterprise Coordinator