Redland Green School

RGS Bristol

Improving Punctuality at Redland Green

Since the introduction of a new punctuality policy in November, we have managed to reduce the lateness to lessons dramatically. Learning now begins promptly and students have gained, on average, an additional 30 minutes of learning time during the day as a result of these measures.

We are now focused on extending these good habits to improve school punctuality. Two new measures will be introduced from Monday, 28 February to improve punctuality to school in the morning: 

  1. Each mentor group will compete for a fortnightly place in the Punctuality Champion’s League! One mentor group from each House will be honoured with a place! The mentor group from the Champion’s League with the best punctuality record at the end of term will receive a prize.
  2. We are eager to underline the message that good punctuality is essential for success at school and ensure that students receive an immediate sanction for lateness to lessons. Currently, students receive a same day after school detention for two late marks to lessons. This will change to incorporate lateness to school and mentor time (both am and pm). Students who receive two late marks for either a lesson or mentor time will receive a same day after school detention of fifteen minutes.

We welcome all support from parents and carers in improving punctuality to school at Redland Green as we believe it is essential to success at school. We look forward to reporting in future bulletins and website news the inaugural winners of the Champion’s League!