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Redland Green Students Lead the way to 'Free the Children'

Thursday, 9 February saw another success for Redland Green School as our Year 10 students organised a fantastic concert in support of 'Free the Children'. The quality of performances was excellent and provided an opportunity for students from all year groups to showcase their musical talents.

It is wonderful to see Redland Green students taking the initiative to run such a memorable event of this size. Our students organised it from start-to-finish and showed real commitment to raising money and awareness of this global charity.

Many of the students planned this event as part of the volunteering requirement for their Duke of Edinburgh Award. Joe Gridley, Motivational Tour Speaker and Leadership Facilitator from 'Free the Children', attended the event and said that, out of the 120 similar events he had attended at schools across the UK, this was the largest. He was especially impressed by our students' organisational and leadership skills. 

All students involved received a Headteacher's Commendation for their fantastic performances and organisational skills. We look forward to seeing more events of this nature in the future.

Click for more information about 'Free the Children'.

Download the 'Free the Children' concert programme.