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Review of Post 16 Media Oscars Night by Vice Chair of Governors, Lawayne Jefferson

On Thursday, 8 May 2014 Redland Green School was delighted to host the Post 16 media studies Oscars night, which saw an amazing display of outstanding talent, intellectual engagement and faces shining with pride and joy. 

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Twenty golden Oscar statuettes were awarded to students for exceptional work in print, video and photograph media, in categories ranging from fictional TV shows to non-fictional on viral short film; music videos; magazine photography; advertising campaigns; use of Adobe Photoshop; news media campaigns; moving image pieces; editing; sound; cinematography and mise-en-scene, which one winner kindly explained to me involves props, characters and settings. Handing out the Oscars were Sarah Baker, Headteacher, Marian Curran, Director of North Bristol Post 16 Centre, Owen Tiplady, Assistant Headteacher of Post 16, and Sarah Haine, Post 16 Student Services Coordinator.

This evening celebrates media studies as a solid academic course, with a strong analytical base, teaching students emotional engagement with themselves and society.

I spoke with media studies teacher, Ms Cranfield, who confirmed that media studies has a strong English base and involves student engagement on a par with English language and literature. She told me that “it is often seen as an easy subject, but it is quite the contrary as 50% of the course is detailed and includes analytical essay writing, which provides a very powerful examination of values, ethics, politics, philosophy and sociology. Students also learn about media bias and representation, which help them to better evaluate and navigate the many media messages that come at us daily.’ Ms Cranfield went on to explain that many students studying straight sciences choose media studies for some refreshing variety, making it an excellent fourth subject.

And something fun too, I thought, as what is more entertaining than an evening at the movies? As a school governor, I found it pleasant to hear how parents also supported their children. Many parents helped to build sets, set-up lighting and critique their work. As many former students have gone on to exciting jobs at the BBC and other production houses, it is no wonder media studies applications are much higher for next year!

Lawayne Jefferson

Vice Chair of Governors