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Saying No to Bullying

Redland Green School's anti-bullying team were featured in the Evening Post recently (Saturday, 14 November 2009). Well done to the whole team and Ms Williams for all their hard work. Please note, the text of the article is written out under the scanned in image as it is hard to read.

If you would like to read more about our anti-bullying measures and activites associated with National Anti-Bulllying Week click here.

Students at Redland Green School have a strong programme planned for Anti-Bullying Week.

The school has created a leaflet, which has been designed by Year 10 student Daisy, giving out the message that Redland Green says No to bullying. Daisy said: "I was given a brief and I came up with some ideas and themes for the leaflet. I came back to the anti-bullying team and showed them the ideas and they said which ones they liked."

The leaflet advises students that bullying incidents must be reported to an adult. It publicises new ways of reporting bullying by text message and email. The leaflet also contains a detachable card with contact details that can be kept in a student's wallet.

Holly, aged 13, said: "It is a really good idea to be able to report bullying by text message. If you are too scared to tell someone, you could be texting your friend but really you are texting the anti-bullying line."

Tegen, 13, said: "Cyber-bullying is getting bigger because more and more people have access to phones and computers. So it is easier to bully people."

Headteacher Sarah Baker said: "We're very committed to anti-bullying at Redland Green School."