Redland Green School

RGS Bristol

Science Week 2015 at RGS

Science Week starts next week and what better way to kick off than with an action packed day to @Bristol!

Year 8 are visiting @Bristol and their day will start with a Glow Show, which is a high-energy live show full of colourful demonstrations. Students will learn why things glow in the dark, how fireworks make fabulous colours and they will even make objects invisible!

Students will also attend a ‘Fossils and Evolution’ workshop in the classrooms. This workshop allows students to travel back in time to discover what rocks and fossils can tell us about the history of life on Earth. There will also be some free time to explore the exhibits around the centre.

The theme of this year's Science Week is centred around 'Bristol Green Capital' and the 150th anniversary of the Suspension Bridge and activities will start from 16 March and conclude on 27 March.


Year 7 will be involved in a 'green' project: 'Who can invent the greenest meal?'

As part of Bristol Green Capital students will invent a plate of food explaining why it is green. They will be considering food miles, energy efficient food, organic vs intensive farming, then designing their plate of food and presenting their meal.

Year 8 will be inventing a device or invention to solve a green issue. 

Students have to identify the environmental issues that we have locally and globally and then identify the issue their team will tackle. They need to design, model and test their invention. The winning teams get to take their projects to the Big Bang Fair at the University of Exeter.

Year 9 students will be involved in a project to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Bristol Suspension Bridge: 'Who is Bristol’s new Brunel?

In history the students will study Brunel and the building of the suspension bridge. In geography students will look at how they would build a bridge now in Bristol taking into consideration sustainability issues to link with Bristol Green Capital and in science they will build their own model of a suspension bridge, which will be tested to see who has made the strongest.

Year 10 and 11 students will have an assembly on Bristol Green Capital and there will be a talk during science week and Year 12 Biologists are working on a biology project and their models will be displayed in the post 16 atrium.

Plus, we have the solar eclipse on Friday, 20 March as an added bonus (click here for more info)! 

So a fantastic science week has been planned for students this year! Keep an eye on the website for updates, news and photographs.