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Science Week News: Year 8 Trip to @Bristol

At the beginning of this week our Year 8 students visited @Bristol for a day of scientific exploration! 

The day kicked off with a fascinating workshop titled, Explore your Universe…atoms to astrophysics!

Students developed their understanding of fundamental topics such as fields, electromagnetic radiation, charged particles and how we observe our Universe.

Year 8 Science Week 2014 visit to @Bristol from Redland Green School on Vimeo.

Year 8 Science Week 2014 trip to @Bristol from Redland Green School on Vimeo.

The workshop also looked at different types of light including infrared and what that means; and Ferrofluid and its interesting properties when it reacts to magnets. The students made some interesting Ferrofluid patterns! 

Ferrofluid with a magnet underneath it

Throughout the workshop leader involved the students through a number of interesting experiments and demonstrations.

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The students then had some free time to go around @Bristol and explore the exhibits and activities. The ones favoured by students seemed to be the ‘TV station’, where students could film themselves on TV, and the animation activities. 

One student, Isaac W, spent an hour getting the rope off the 3D puzzle, which showed great perseverance! Mr Wilson gave up after 10 minutes!

Then the trip was rounded off by an excellent ‘Spectacular Show’, which looked at spectacular science through the ages. Using liquid nitrogen, light sabers and lasers the show explored how we know what we know about the world around us, and looked at how discoveries and developments in technology can help us learn more and more about the world.

The students all seemed to enjoy their trip out to @Bristol. One student said of the trip: “Was that physics? I like physics now!” Another student stated, “Excellent assembly. Excellent Trip!”

Finally, we would like to thank @Bristol for all their help with our visit.