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Science Week Success


Recently at Redland Green School we celebrated National Science and Engineering Week with some fantastic scientific events and activities.

Supported by Rolls Royce, the week was a roaring success with the whole school getting involved in some really interesting and thought provoking scientific activities, events and experiments.

Our Year 8 students got to see an animal roadshow by Tropical Inc. During this show the students had the opportunity to meet and learn about the nature and habitat of all manner of exotic rainforest creatures including a meerkat, a parrot, a snapping turtle (one of the students was brave enough to hold her) and a grumpy male skunk, among lots of other animals. It was a fantastic show and the students really enjoyed it.

Professor Peter Barham from Bristol University School of Physics visited the school to run sessions for our Year 7 and Year 9 students. Professor Barham specialises in food science and molecular gastronomy among his other interests of polymer science and penguins! The session for Year 7 students was on liquid nitrogen and students got to make ice cream using the liquid nitrogen and then taste it! Flash freezing food with liquid nitrogen creates a different taste sensation because the food freezes so quickly. Our Year 9 students saw a very interesting presentation on microwaves, looking at the physics of microwave ovens and how they cook food. He managed to grab student’s attention by putting a range of things into the microwave, including water-filled balloons, mobile phones, foil-lined crisp packets, light bulbs and CDs, to see how they reacted. A few explosions were produced along the way!

Take a look at the photo gallery below to find out more about Redland Green’s Science Week…


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