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Science Week a Scientific Success!

Redland Green School recently took part in National Science Week, and celebrated all things scientific with some fantastic events and activities. 

Our Year 7 students watched a road show, presented by Explorer Dome Bristol, called States of Matter, where they learnt about the three states of matter through a variety of activities and experiments, including demonstrations using liquid nitrogen and dry ice. Students supported this learning with a series of lessons learning about crystals. 

Tropical Inc. came in to talk to our Year 8 students about rainforest habitats and the animals that live there. Students had the exciting opportunity to learn about and hold a variety of indigenous animals including snakes, spiders, scorpions, hedgehogs, parrots and a lovely skunk called Stella! They also learnt about the plight of the rainforest and ways they can act to help preserve them. To support this learning, Year 8 worked on a biodiversity project where they were given the scenario that the Earth was dying and they had to select five rainforest organisms to save and send up to the Mere Space Station. They had to make their selection and justify why these were worth saving. Some student went a stage further and made documentary style videos about their choices.

In addition to the workshops three competitions were also organised.

For Year 9 this was 'Impact Alert' where students had to use the NASA near earth object website and two impact simulator programmes to identify which was the most dangerous near earth object. The winners of this, with an amazing project completed on Movi-Maker were: Ella, Chloe & Thomas. The runner up was Sally.

Year 7 and Year 8 were given the opportunity to investigate a science question of their choice.

The Year 7 winners were:

Such was the quality of the entries submitted by Year 7 that we also awarded a number of runners up prizes. These were given to Nick, Harry, Iona, Alex and Charlotte.

The Year 8 winners were:


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