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Students Enter Scott Centenary Sledge Pull to Raise Money for School and Polar Research

Scott Centenary Sledge Pull; "To encourage and enable youth adventure and exploration"

Back in January 1911 Captain Scott and his colleagues started their famous expedition across the Antarctic to the South Pole. To celebrate the Centenary of this famous expedition a nationwide youth and school team event has been created, the Scott Centenary Sledge Pull 2011.

The Sledge Pull is a relay event, where schools in Great Britain take part in legs of the relay and pull a sledge up and down and then across the whole of the UK in September 2011. The route goes from Lands End in Cornwall to John O’Groats in Scotland, back down the UK to Eastbourne and then across to Cardiff.

Replicating the structure of the original Scott expedition, teams of five 15 to 19 year olds will each complete a 5-mile leg (about an hour of sledge pulling) near their school. The pace is expected to be a slow jog. Redland Green is really excited to have entered 3 teams into this event and look forward to taking the sledge on from Churchill School and handing it over to another school 15-miles later.

This is a fantastic opportunity to fundraise for the benefit not only of the school but also the British Schools Exploring Society (BSES) and the Scott Polar Research Institute. Each team member is asked to raise £200, either individually or as part of the team. The fundraising money then is split up with 50% coming directly to RGS to support adventure and exploration activities, 37.5% going to a BSES Scott Scholarships Fund and 12.5% to the educational and outreach work of the Scott Polar Research Institute.

If you would be interested in donating some money to our sledge pull or would be interested in sponsoring our sledge please contact Ms Waldon.

Some of Captain’s Scotts last recorded words were “For God’s sake look after our people”. This probably meant look after the families of him and his expedition colleagues, but equally these words can now apply to humanity in general at a time when it is crucial that we really understand and evaluate the impact we are having on the world today and in the future. And it is with this in mind that RGS are delighted to take part in this fundraising activity, raising funds for not just the school but also to further polar research and encourage exploration of remote areas of the world.

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The sledge the RGS teams will be pulling for 5 miles!

Sir Ranulph Fiennes with the sledge teams will pull.