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Students Study the Classics

During the early months of 2012 the Institute of Greece, Rome and the Classical Tradition, based at the University of Bristol, offered some Redland Green School students the chance to attend ten weekly after-school ‘taster’ classes in Classics. These classes were designed to introduce students to the culture, languages and history of the ancient Greek and Roman worlds.

The lessons proved to be fun and engaging introduction to the classics, with lessons on Greek myths, featuring the wedding of Peleus/Thetis and the apple of discord.  Students studied Homer’s Odyssey and the oral/bardic tradition, focussing especially on the Cyclops episode and deciding whether Odysseus was a good leader or not, which even elicited some sympathy for the Cyclops.  Students looked at episodes in Greek and Roman history, such as the Persian wars, the Spartans, Hannibal and the various cruel or insane habits of Roman emperors.  There was also an introduction to the languages of ancient Greek and Latin, which was very well received.

Our students very much enjoyed the experience with all of them expressing an interest in maintaining the learning of Classics . “I loved it, it’s a shame we can not do more in school/GCSE,” said one.  Another said simply it was both “interesting and fun.”  We hope to keep and strengthen our links with the University, especially the Classics Department.

Mr Harvey

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