Redland Green School

RGS Bristol

Success for Students in Junior Maths Olympiad

You may be aware that every year we choose our best Mathematics students, from Year 7 and Year 8, to represent the school in the United Kingdom Mathematical Trust's Junior Mathematical Challenge.

Nationally about 240,000 students enter this challenge and students that do particularly well are awarded with a bronze, silver or gold certificate. A small number of students do so well that they qualify for the next level of competition, which is called the Junior Mathematical Olympiad.

This year three Redland Green Students joined the 1200 students nationally that competed in the Olympiad. To even qualify for this competition means that these students are among the top 0.5% of the best Maths students in the country.

Oscar Pick deserves much praise for reaching this competition and being awarded a Certificate of Participation. It is very rare for students to do better than this, but Sam Parker received a Bronze Medal and Matthew Penn received a Silver Medal. This means Sam is amongst the best 300 and Matthew the best 200 Year 7 and Year 8 students in the country.

Many congratulations to Oscar, Sam and Matthew for their excellent achievements.

Mr S Evans

Curriculum Leader for Mathematics