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Successful Year 10 Music GCSE Work

Year 10 have been studying Chopin as part of their set works recently.

To help deepen their understanding of Chopin’s Prelude No. 15 in D flat, students had 35 minutes to compose a short piece reflecting some of the same features of the music.  The brief was to compose a piece of music in ternary form (ABA with a contrasting B section) and include the use of an ostinato (repeated musical figure), which were used in Chopin’s piece.

Considering the students composed their music in under an hour, the results were particularly impressive. By scanning the QR codes or using the links below you can see their performances.

Group 1: Alex, Harri, Louis, Joe Group 2: Isaiah, James, Wilf, Jon 
Group 3: Elinor, Sarah, Thea, Ruth, Annie Group 4: Will, Tomas, Dylan, Sam