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The First Future Brunel Day Reviewed By Charlotte, Year 7

On Thursday, 23 June, Fergus, Ewan and I went to the ss Great Britain. When we got there all 12 of us got a Brunel Hat!! Our first task was a little bit of science in which we had to find out what type of liquid was inside some containers. The trick was there were six substances and eight names were given on a piece of paper with their pH scale written by it. We observed the substances and looked for their properties and took note of what the liquid could be. Next we held a strip of universal indicator and what colour it turned up determined what pH scale it was. Next we labelled the correct substances according to the piece of paper we were given at the beginning. We then had three envelopes and on each one was a letter, inside it was a piece of paper. We looked at the back of the piece of paper we had at the beginning and it told us what to do with the piece of paper. For one we had to iron it, one we had to colour it and another one was rubbing grape juice on it. After doing this we produced eight letters and one piece of punctuation. We then had to un-jumble the letters to make a sentence. The sentence was OPEN BOX A! We all looked for a box labelled A. When we found it we pulled it into the middle of the room and opened it. Inside there were twelve ipad 2’s just sitting there. We all got an ipad for the next five years. We had a little play on them for a bit. We then had photos for the Evening Post and two of us got interviewed by Heart. After lunch we did a scavenger hunt all around the ship, with a list of things on it, we had to take a photo of each one. Believe it or not we did all this in one day!


Future Brunel