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Unaccompanied Choir Accompanied by New Followers on ‘Song Raids’

Song Raids around Bristol last Saturday and Monday’s performance in the Colston Hall foyer served three important functions for Redland Green Community Chorus:

Saturday’s walking and singing tour took in M-Shed, Pero’s Bridge, Millennium Square, College Green and Cascade Steps.

For once the choir was unaccompanied – by pianist Jonny Saunders that is.

But we were very much accompanied by members of the public who stopped in their tracks to listen, and in many cases join in.

“When it came to handing out flyers, we discovered some new friends who followed us around,” said RGCC Chair Caroline Taylor. “It made the afternoon so worth while.

“Recruitment of new members has gone well this term, and I’m confident that our input into ‘Gathering Voices’ will reap rewards.”

It is equally important  to recruit new voices from students at Redland Green School where the choir rehearse every Monday evening.

“We continue to seek greater integration with the school, and I am delighted that this is now under way with the advent of the ‘Come and Sing’ session on 17 November,” Caroline added.

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Redland Green Community Chorus Enjoying their Song Raids!