Redland Green School

RGS Bristol

Update on Academy Process from Chair of Governors

As the end of the Summer term draws near, I thought it would be a good moment to update you on the Academy process.

As you may be aware, the governing body of Redland Green School took the decision in March 2012 to express an interest in becoming an Academy.  

An Academy Steering Group was established at the end of March, which comprises members from the Strategic Leadership Team and three governors, which includes both Ms Baker and myself.  We appointed a legal team early on, as well as an experienced project manager; the cost for both services is funded from a special grant that was made available by the Department for Education. The Academy Steering Group drafted a detailed work plan, which has guided us through a maze of tasks, activities and paperwork.  At the point of writing this update, all of our milestones have so far been met on time and the project is on target.  

In the coming months, more work will need to be carried out in order to prepare the school for a potential conversion in the Autumn term, much of it is at an administrative level in relation to staff contracts, pensions, personnel records, land registry, etc. Some of this will rely on outside agencies such as Bristol City Council and the Department for Education providing us with vital information regarding funding.  Provided all this documentation is delivered on time, and assuming there are no unexpected delays, we intend to take a final vote on whether or not to convert to Academy status on Tuesday, 11 September 2012 at a full governing body meeting. Should governors decide to convert on that date, and subject to the signing of the Funding Agreement later this September, an official conversion date of Monday, 1 October will be possible.

I would like to reassure all parents and the local community that governors are and will remain fully committed to ensuring the very best possible future for Redland Green School, its students, staff and the wider community.  All information available to governors at the time of decision-making will be scrutinised carefully before a final vote is taken.  We shall contact you again in September with a further update on progress.  

Annemieke Waite

Chair of Governors