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Vertical Mentoring at Work at Redland Green School 

At Redland Green School we are fully committed to inclusion at every level and to this end each of our students belongs to a Vertical Mentor Group. Each Mentor Group is made up of six students from each year group, and belongs to one of our four Houses. There are eight Mentor Groups in each House.


Our Houses are named after various types of birds. We have the Larks and Warblers, from the Songbird Cluster, and the Ducks and Geese from the Waterfowl Cluster. Our Heads of House are listed below:







Head of House

Ms Williams

Ms Martin

Ms Ball

Ms Jackson


One of the key reasons for vertical mentoring, in the early days of Redland Green School, was to integrate new students into the ‘Redland Green way of doing things’ and as the system has worked we have continued with it, with enthusiasm!

Students working in their Mentor Groups

Vertical mentoring is becoming increasingly popular in schools across the country as it eases the transition for incoming students during their first year, increases cohesiveness of the school community and helps reduce bullying. We want Redland Green to continue to be a happy, caring and stimulating environment that brings out the very best in all of our students and peer mentoring helps us to do this as well as raise achievement throughout the school.


Here are just a few thoughts from our students about peer mentoring at Redland Green School…


“…makes the school more of a community as the year groups get to know each other.”

 “…minimises bullying.”

“...a good way of integrating all year groups.” (From a mentor)

“…gets students talking and creating a sense of community rather than divided ages.” (From a mentor)

“…you get to meet lots of different people.”

“…you get to know the people in your Mentor Group that are in your year really well and you get to know older students better so you’re not just talking with Year 7s.”

“…peer support network for students.”

 Students working in their Mentor Groups