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War Horse Review

By Anna Emmett-Martin and Matt Simpson (Year 7)

On the 19 June we went to see War Horse in Cardiff with Miss Hopkins, Ms Blundell, Mr Hague and Ms Bishop, as we studied it earlier this year by reading the book and seeing the film. Watching the play was an amazing bonus to our understanding and it was interesting that we have now seen all the different forms of the story. 

It was a brilliant performance, as they used puppets to create Joey, Topthorn and all the other animals. This was a great idea, because it would be impossible to control up to 8 horses on a stage at one time, as it would be very chaotic. The puppet actors were amazing and we all found ourselves forgetting about the people controlling them. They ended up looking like part of the horses. They also made excellent use of props and effects with gunshots, smoke machines and strobe lighting, which made the whole audience jump every time! One of our favourite parts was the effect of the trenches when they were in the audience. It must have been amazing to be one of the people sitting next to where they were performing. Another part we really enjoyed was the ending when Albert and his parents reunited. It was also really good when the blinded Albert met his horse, Joey, again because they spent the whole play looking for each other.

The theatre itself, Millennium Centre in Cardiff Bay, was astonishing and we had brilliant seats, very high up, so we had a great view! Furthermore there were other schools there, which shows just what an outstanding performance the cast give. The theatre was packed full!

All in all we had an amazing day and the play was fantastic. We would highly recommend you to go and see it! We would like to thank all the teachers who came with us and for all their hard work that went into organising the trip.