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Water Science Competition...Do you have an Innovative Solution?

The Competition

Tomorrow’s Water is an annual national water science competition that aims to inspire students to develop innovative solutions to water problems. This competition selects a UK representative to compete in the international Stockholm Junior Water Prize, one of the most prestigious, international awards for students who conduct research projects in water science. The project is essential in raising awareness and knowledge of local and global water challenges and is a chance for students to become interested in water and environmental issues.

The Project

Students compete in the prize by developing practical and innovative projects, aimed at solving water related problems. The competition encourages projects that contribute to theoretical and applied science, and that look at ways to improve quality of life and the environment. All areas of water can be investigated, such as water resources, water quality, water protection and water treatment.

The Prize

The winner will be awarded an all-expenses paid trip to Stockholm in order to represent the UK at the international Stockholm Junior Water Prize (SWJP) in a one week cultural exchange program. The student’s school or college will also be awarded a grant of £300

The International Stockholm Junior Water Prize winner receives US $5,000 and an award presented by HRH Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden

For more information go to the website:'s-water.aspx

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