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Year 7 Humanities Welcomes Mayor George Ferguson to RGS!

Today RGS was delighted to welcome the Bristol’s Mayor, George Ferguson to Redland Green School.

Earlier in the year our Year 7 students sent Mayor Ferguson letters on how they thought the City of Bristol could be improved. The students detailed 5 things they liked about Bristol and 5 things they thought could be improved. Mayor Ferguson was so impressed that he wanted to come and visit the students to talk to them about their ideas!

Mayor Ferguson visited Year 7 today in Humanities and the students, in groups, presented their ideas to him.

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Group 1, which included Anna, Lucy, Tasha and Amy, want cheaper public transport, including lower bus and taxi fares for students. They also thought that secondary and primary schools should work together more, including more computer equipment for primary schools, and that local shops should be supported more, reducing the dominance of the national chains. Mayor Ferguson wholeheartedly agreed with these ideas, particularly having already negotiated lower bus fairs for students and children with our local bus companies. He is also in talks with a Chinese taxi company that manufacture electric taxis, which would hopefully make taxis cheaper if they were adopted by the City.

Group 2 included Dan, Harry, Saskia and Maddie. Their ideas included providing more bins, to reduce litter and more local markets, which would create more local job opportunities.

Group 3 included Numair, Archie, Luke, Magnus and Harvey. Their idea was also to improve public transport, but through reducing car access at certain times of the day, and more legal graffiti areas in the city.

Group 4 included Kate, Amira, Molly, Leela and Anna, and they proposed a family water park for the city. The Mayor thought this would be a good idea if it could be a commercial venture.

Group 5 included Sam and Billy and they wanted a new skate plaza for the City, which is made with rails, ledges and stairs, rather than ramps, which skate parks are made out of.

Group 6 included Jasper and Charlie, and they felt that the City’s public toilets are not very nice places and that they should be improved. The Mayor agreed and talked about an idea that could improve them, which would involve local enterprises taking responsibility for a toilet block. So a café or a florist would set up around a toilet block and take responsibility for it and trade as a business at that location as well.

Finally, Group 7 included Jack and Reece and their idea was a landmark hotel, which included a very tall building with a hotel, accommodation and pool, built on the old Bristol Docks.

Well done to Year 7 for this amazing achievement, as we are one of the only Bristol schools that Mayor Ferguson has visited. The Mayor took the time to give his feedback to all of the students' projects and was very interested in all of their ideas.

He also left the students with this message:

“This was a really good exercise. We are all responsible for making Bristol a better city. We are all citizens of this City. We are all equal citizens of this City. We all have an equal right, opportunity and responsibility to make Bristol a better place. We have got to look out for each other. We have all got our part to play. It can’t all be done at City Hall. It’s got to be done in our local communities too”.

Redland Green School would like to thank Mayor Ferguson for taking the time to visit Year 7 and listen to their ideas for improving Bristol City. We very much enjoyed meeting you.