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Year 7 IT Fundraising Project: Raised £1070!

Congratulations to Year 7 students who have raised £1070 for the Hope Foundation School in Bhuj India. The school
was set up following a devastating earthquake in 2001 and provides an education to families where many are on a limited income. It costs £100 to send a student to the school for one year and we have raised enough money to send 10 children to school for the first time. At Redland Green School we strive to address inequality and in their own way Year 7 students have made the world a more equal place by enabling more children in Bhuj to access education.

Year 7 students used their ICT skills to organise and keep track of their fundraising efforts and this typifies our approach to information and creative technology at Redland Green School, in terms of enabling students to apply their skills in real world scenarios.

Mr T Cox

CTL Bite