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Year 7 Students Make a Global Difference Through their IT Studies

During Term 3 Year 7 students use their IT skills to organise a fundraising project for the charity Practical Action. The students were incredibly creative with the ideas that they came up with for fund raising activities and were able to quickly collate and present the totals of the amounts raised using their spreadsheet skills. The project also reflected a key area of the IT curriculum in that it enabled students to develop their co-working skills and use their IT knowledge in real-life situations.

Together Year 7 raised £1628.33 and following an online poll students overwhelmingly decided to focus their assistance on shelter, clean water and sanitation by spending the money on the following items:

As Jackie Taylor from Practical Action says: “Without your help our work simply would not be possible, so please pass on our thanks to your Year 7 students who raised this generous donation through their IT project”

Well done Year 7!

Mr T Cox, CTL BITE - the curriculum area for Business Studies, Politics, Information Technology and Economics