Redland Green School

RGS Bristol

Year 8 Travel to UWE for a Green Future!

During May, 30 Year 8 students travelled to the University of the West of England to take part in an Enterprise day, which was all about green technology.

The event, called 'Your Green Future', aimed to get our students thinking about how we could create a low carbon economy, and what role they might have in this future economy in terms of career choices. The students worked in groups with other 12 to 18 year olds from schools around the South West and with representatives from large and small businesses in a series of hands on activities.

Students had the opportunity to listen to talks, visit the Career Pathways Exhibition and take part in a range of interactive workshops, led by local business colleagues and University staff. The day was a great success with lots of positive feedback from Year 8. Their comments suggested they were far more aware of their own impact on the environment by the end of the event and over 85% of the group felt they would be more confident in speaking to employers in the future.

For most students it was their first visit to a university and they were in awe of the size of the campus and everything that was going on! We answered lots of questions about what it was like to go to university and by the end of the day 100% of the group were all keen to go to university! Quote of the day: “Wow Miss. When you get your GCSEs you can do anything you want!”