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Year 9 Trip to Bristol Zoo

Year 9 English recently visited Bristol Zoo and worked really hard to produce promotional articles about the trip.

Take a look at a number of the articles written, below. Well done Year 9, you all worked really hard!

Miss B Hopkins
Teacher of English 

Ninad's Article about Visiting the Zoo

Fancy A Day in the Zoo?

Year 9 explored the wondrous and deadly wildlife at Bristol Zoo. We went to the zoo to understand the role of Zoos. The Zoo is good because we can see different species in their usual habitats. There are about four hundred species in the Zoo, from the tiny ant to the mighty lion.

The role of the Zoo is to entertain and educate people and conserve wildlife. My favourite animals in the Zoo are the sea lions, because they are clever and entertaining as they swim around in their enclosure.

We had a very interesting talk from a member of the Zoo’s staff. She told us about their conservation role. We can see the facts about the animals written on the information pack, where they come from and what they are like.

At the Zoo they breed the animals so they can be released into the wild. This can stop them becoming extinct. It can also help with research.

Ismail's Article

Fancy A Day in the Zoo?

On a Tuesday recently, we went to Bristol Zoo to understand the way the Zoo's sustainability works. We learnt many things about the Zoo, including the habitats, the charity and much more. 

The baby lion cubs have just been able to move to the conservation enclosure and we just saw them being released.

The gorilla talk was very interesting and while we were there the zookeeper was feeding the gorillas in their conservation enclosure.

The Education Center had lots of facts and statistics for us.

To conclude, the Zoo experience was a very important and joyful experience and we hope to go there again.

I would rate this trip 4 stars!