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Young Ambassador

Joe (Year 9) was nominated by the PE Department to take part in a Young Ambassadors programme run at the University of Bath.  Its focus was on developing leadership skills so that students will be able to assist with the promotion of sporting activities in their own school. Here is Joe’s report from the day:

When we arrived they gave us an introduction about what a young ambassador was and introduced us to past young ambassadors and  to the adults helping in the workshop. One of the helpers was an ex-South African rugby player. His name was Thinus Delport and he represented S.A in the 2003 world cup. Here is a little information about him.

We then split in half and went to our different workshops. The workshop my group first went to was a team building activity. It was cup stacking in groups of four. To start with we competed within our four and then we did it as a team in a relay style. After we had done that we went onto the second part of the workshop.  We looked at different sports and looked how we could change them to suit different ages using the same background sport. We were given some very odd sports. One of them was Equestrian but instead of using horses and jumps you use a Space Hopper and the participants have to jump over obstacles and in and out of hoops.

After break the next workshop was with Thinus. He talked to us about his life and his story and also the journey to becoming a professional rugby player. We then did an activity where we were not allowed to talk and had to sort ourselves into groups on different circumstances. For example there was our birth month, our favourite sport and a couple of others. This was an activity to make us more confident in talking to others as you need this as a Young Ambassador. We then got into groups and talked about what we could do to do school work and sport and fit it all in. He also got us to talk about how we could pass this onto others through our work as Young Ambassadors, and help them cope with their work and extra curricular and outside sports.

After lunch we had our final workshop. This was with a 21 year old man who was a Young Ambassador himself many years ago and he still helps out as a Young Ambassador. He talked to us about how being a Young Ambassador helped him apply for jobs as it is great for your C.V. He also told us how it gave him good life skills and abilities that really helped him in life and in jobs as he was confident to talk to people and help. He then got us to write on some paper about how being a Young Ambassador can help us move on and what skills it could give us personally. We then wrote down what we had going on in our lives, what we want to acheive, what we want to be when we are older and what educational and sporting options we might take to help us progress in the future. 

At the end we had 5 minutes in groups to discuss what we could do as Young Ambassadors. Some of the ideas were: