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Young Designers Making a Difference

Year 13 Product Design Students Collaborate with Claremont School Students

Redland Green School Year 13 student have been working with Claremont School students for their A Level product design project. The brief was either to create a ‘lighting project’ or to ‘create a product’. All 3 students, Luke, Aimé and Cameron decided to work with our Claremont students and create something that they would like to use or would need. The students did a couple of days research with Claremont School and came up with their product.

One of the Claremont students likes to carry a recycling bucket on the back of his wheelchair. He likes to go around the school collecting the recycling in the bucket. Luke designed a customised recycling unit that attaches to the back of his wheelchair. It has four different holes for the recycling to be put it, which is a wonderful product for this student.

Aimé worked with a student and created a customised tray for her wheelchair. It has her name emblazoned across the tray and wiring for her phone and iPad so she can listen to her music, plus fairy lights. This is a great communication and engagement ‘tray’ for this Claremont student.

Finally, Cameron designed a xylophone. Claremont students spend time on a terraced area during break time and lunchtime. Cameron designed a xylophone that fits nicely against a wheelchair so that all of the students can use it when they are on the terrace during break or lunchtime if they want to.

Alison Ewins, Headteacher of Claremont School, said of the project “I think it is a great example of how inclusion can support both schools and the RGS students have really understood the needs and interests of their Claremont peers.”

Sarah Baker, Headteacher of Redland Green School added “This is a very impressive project and it is good to see a collaboration between two very different schools, Redland Green School and Claremont School. It also means that our post 16 students have created a product, which will be used and has an important purpose in young people's lives. 

Well done to all of the students who worked really hard on each of these products and good luck in your exams.