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Bullying: Whisper

What do you do if you think your child is being bullied? 

Whisper, is Redland Green School's anonymous online reporting service for students to use if they have any school problems or worries, e.g. bullying, peer issues, schoolwork, stress and anxiety. Reporting issues is a very effective way to enable us to be able to deal with risks before they escalate into harm and we already have ways in which students can seek support but we understand that sometimes face to face conversations are difficult.

Whisper, allows students to send an anonymous message or text to a confidential school email account where the safeguarding team, experienced in responding to issues, will receive it.

How does it work?

Clicking on the Whisper button will take students to an online form where you can leave your message. Students can choose to send it anonymously or, if students want us to get back to them, they can leave their contact details. Whisper does not collect any information to identify a sender unless they choose to leave it.

Students can also send an anonymous text by following the SMS instructions. Again, Whisper will not store any personal information if students use this service.

Why do we think this is important?

For a variety of reasons young people often find it very difficult to report issues at school. Offering an anonymous route may empower them to raise concerns they may not have felt able to raise before. We know too that reporting can raise awareness of an issue across the school and things can change because of that through discussion and education. Reporting someone who is bullying, for example, can very often focus attention on that person and change their behaviour.

What happens next?

We will be discussing Whisper with the students as part of our wider safeguarding education programme: how, why and when to use it. How it can provide a useful route for them to help safeguard themselves, their friends or the wider school community. This will take place through assemblies and wider conversations within school.

Links to Whisper can be found on the Google apps student dashboard, the RGS Website and via the RGS E-safety Blog.

The Safeguarding Team