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Main school reception - 0117 353 3200

Email address -

Absence line - 0117 353 3190

Absence email -

Immediate welfare concern - if you have an immediate welfare concern about your child, we would advise phoning the school directly, asking for their Well-being Lead or a member of the Safeguarding Team if your child's Well-being Lead is absent.

Website information - if, as a parent of a student attending this school, you require a paper copy of the information on this website, we shall provide this free of charge.

Who do I contact if I have a query about...?





Absence Requests

Complete the Request for Absence Form on the website. Return by post/e-mail to:

FAO: Mr Lind state student name / mentor group

Post 16

Redland Green learning community: 

E-mail or telephone Ms Bernal on 0117 353 3474

Cotham learning community:

E-mail or telephone Mrs Williams on 0117 919 8105.

Absence Information 

Attendance Policy



Post 16 Absence

Bad Weather

In the case of bad weather (e.g. snow) please refer to our website for information and we will also send a text or email about arrangements about school opening times.


E-mail: Relevant House Lead. (See email addresses below).

Anti-Bulllying Policy
Catering Card/Enquiries

FAO Mrs Schofield, Catering Manager

Child Protection

FAO Designated Child Protection Officer: Mr Lind/Ms Martin/Ms Williams or Ms Haine for Post 16


FAO Ms Baker, Headteacher

Complaints Procedure
Data Changes


E-Safety (General information and guidance)

FAO Mr Cox

E-Safety Information 
E-Safety (Specific cases) E-mail: Relevant House Lead (see email addresses below).  

FAO Mrs Cliff

Homelearning Issue (i.e planner not used consistently; amount)

E-mail: Relevant House Lead (see email addresses below).

Home Learning Policy 
Learning in a Subject

FAO Subject Teacher or Curriculum Leader. 
Please state name of student and mentor group.

Curriculum Policy 
Mentor Communication

E-mail: Relevant House Lead (see email addresses below).                FAO Mentor Name or Group.



Telephone: 0117 353 3433

North Bristol Post 16 Centre Website
Payment and Parentpay enquiries

E-mail: Please state name of student, mentor group and trip.


E-mail: Relevant House Lead (see email addresses below).

Safeguarding and Student Wellbeing


FAO Designated Child Protection Officer: Mr Lind/Ms Martin/Ms Williams or Ms Haine for Post 16

Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy 
School Reports (Years 7-9)

FAO Mr Lind

School Reports (Years 10-11)   

FAO Mr Cox

School Trip Arrangements

FAO Trip Leader and include trip details

Sickness (Long-term pastoral implications)

E-mail: Relevant House Lead (see email addresses below).


Absence Information 

Attendance Policy

Sickness (on the day)

 Telephone the Absence Line: 0117 353 3190


Special Educational Needs (General information)


RGS Website: Learning Support Information
Special Educational Needs (Specific enquiries)

FAO: Mr Musie (SENCO), Ms Shimmin (Deputy SENCO) or student’s key worker (if applicable)

Term Dates



RGS Website, Term Dates 


E-mail: Relevant House Lead (see email addresses below). 

RGS Website, Uniform
Up and Coming School Events

FAO Mrs Dicks

RGS Website, Key Dates
Key Stage 4 Options

FAO Mr Lind

RGS Website, KS4 Info


If your query is not answered by these FAQs, please send an e-mail to  

House Leads
Warblers: Mr Shafto
Larks: Mr Spence
Ducks: Mr Somerville
Wellbeing Lead

Head of School

Ms Blundell

Deputy Headteacher

Mr Lind 

Main School Reception

0117 353 3200

E-mail Address  

Absence Line and E-mail address

0117 353 3190