Redland Green School

RGS Bristol

Parents' Handbook 2018/19

To parents of our new Year 7 students, we are pleased you and your child are joining our school community.

To parents of our returning students, we hope you have enjoyed your summer break. Welcome back to you and your child.

We look forward to working with you all to ensure your child is successful. Our aims are to maintain high standards of education, care and support to ensure our students feel safe, develop good relationships with their peers and staff, and are successful as confident learners and responsible young people.

To achieve these aims we need to develop a positive partnership between us in school and you at home. This handbook provides you with an initial guide to life at Redland Green. You will receive further information about the school through our fortnightly Student Bulletin and the website. The dedicated Parents’ area includes the school diary and information about school trips, school events, and the range of extra-curricular activities available. It also provides further information to help you as parents support your child in their learning. I encourage you to join and support the Redland Green School Parent/Teacher Association 'RGS PTA', formerly Friends of Redland Green School (FORGS), who always welcome new parents. Further information about RGS PTA is contained in this booklet.

Your child will receive a school planner, which will provide the first point of contact with the school and will be checked regularly by your child’s mentor. Using these well enables our students to take more responsibility and develop as independent learners. The planner also contains reminders about our expectations of students as learners, behaviour in school and uniform. For our new Year 7s, the older students in the Mentor Group will support the move from primary to secondary education and life at Redland Green School.

I hope you find this booklet useful and on behalf of the staff we look forward to working with you and wish your child an enjoyable and successful time at Redland Green.

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