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Term Two at Redland Green Post 16

Achievements and celebrations at RGS Learning Community

Term 2 2017


This time of year is marked by preparation for mock exams by Year 13 students, and  continuing to settle into Post 16 life for Year 12 students.  Students in both year groups have been meeting with their personal tutors throughout both terms to review and update their personal targets as part of the tutor programme.  The tutor quiz has also been running throughout both terms on Monday mornings. Tutor groups have also spent time looking at resilience and wellbeing, current affairs discussions (from the Paradise Papers to Brexit) and year group specific activities; planning for next steps in Year 13, and building up study and revision skills for Year 12.  


Year 13 students have been working hard on applications for their next steps.  They have been more organised than ever, and we are very pleased to have been able to send off as many UCAS applications as we have by this stage in the process (120 at time of writing - with plenty more still being processed).  We have been pleased to see so many ambitious applications to some of the most competitive institutions and courses, with the majority of UCAS applications including at least one choice at a Russell Group Institution.  We have been equally pleased to see offers return quickly - a testament to the quality of the applications that students are producing.  The great majority of our Oxbridge and medicine applicants have secured interviews following rigorous preparation with tutors and attendance of mock interviews and discussions with a range of mentors and professionals.  In addition to this, we have a large number of students preparing applications to competitive vocational courses and higher level apprenticeships, and would remind students and parents that we have lots of information and guidance available regarding both (including the weekly careers bulletin).


Year 12 students have been quick to start thinking about next steps as well, with 65 RGS students taking up places on the Access to Bristol programme (with several more on the “Pathways to Law” scheme), which is run by Bristol University to give Post-16 students a taste of university education in a wide range of subjects, and can lead to a lower offer if future applications are made.  We have also been very proud to have 6 students chosen to be part of the Bristol Scholars scheme, which is part of the university’s drive to widen participation in higher education, and offers students a great deal of support in preparing for undergraduate life. In addition to this we welcomed the University of Sheffield for a talk on options after Post-16, and have also had great personal wellbeing and development talks from Off The Record, the Bristol Drugs Project and a session on the topic of ambition and personal growth from “Push”.  We have also been pleased to support several students in taking part in a range of work experience activities including work in accountancy firms, medical/veterinary settings and a computing laboratory.


In subject areas a great deal has also been taking place to support and broaden the student experience.  In mathematics students took part in the Senior Maths Challenge with 7 achieving gold,17 silver and 9 bronze, and a very respectable 5th place (of 20) in the team challenge event.  In addition to this A level mathematics students have been very generously giving their time to mentor and support Y11 students during morning and afternoon tutor times - a development experience which is of great benefit to all involved.  Art students took the chance to privately view an exhibition at the Royal Western Academy and were commended for their mature and insightful questions and comments.  Students of business and economics attended a revision conference to support their preparation for mock examinations, and science students visited “We the Curious” for a workshop on testing and sequencing DNA.  In sports the Centre football team continue to play together every week, and scored a notable win against Bristol City Community Trust. We also continue to celebrate and support the ongoing success of RGS students who are individual elite competitors in climbing, tennis, athletics and swimming.  It has also been a great term on an international level with two world food fairs in the Atrium organised by the Global Group in support of Hope Foundation School in Bhuj, India; as well as successful fundraising by the South Africa Expedition team (keep an eye open for Quiz Night in late January!).  In addition we have been very pleased to host TIGER who have been working with a group of Year 12 students (pictured) discussing and developing ideas about gender equality, who have now become “Gender Equality Ambassadors” as part of the first scheme of its kind in the UK.

We wish all students and parents a very restful break and a happy new year.