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Science Week Activities 2016

This week Year 7, Year 8 and Year 9 students will be investigating a number of interesting science projects during their science lessons.

We also have a number of guests speakers in school for all students to listen and be inspired by:

- Peter Crowther – physics PhD student at Bristol University

- Luke Potter – Geotechnical Engineer at Atkins

- Mélanie Panagi – PhD student in biology and immunology

- Maddy Nichols – PhD student in physics (her work combines physics, chemistry and mechanical engineering)

Finally, on Wednesday 16 and Thursday 17 March our Year 8 students are visiting @Bristol, where they will be involved in a workshop and a science show. 

Students Article to be Published in Young Scientists' Journal

Congratulations to the following students for the publication of their article in the Young Scientists' Journal:

  • Alexis Sidiqui Year 12
  • Max Williamson Year 12
  • Nathan  Cartlidge Year 8
  • Jack Allen Year 8
  • Isaac Wales Year 11
Alexis and Max have been working on the project for the last 3 years and the article is due to be published at the end of June. Watch the website for links to the article! Well done boys on your excellent collaboration!

Science Week: Year 8 Visit @Bristol and see Science come to Life!

Science Week at Redland Green kicked off this week and Year 8 took a trip to @Bristol to see science come to life!

The day started off with a glow show, which was a high-energy live show full of colourful demonstrations. Students learnt why things glow in the dark, how fireworks make fabulous colours and how to make objects invisible!

Students also attended a ‘Fossils and Evolution’ workshop. This workshop allowed students to travel back in time to discover what rocks and fossils can tell us about the history of life on Earth. A very practical and interactive session, the students got to see, touch and feel lots of different fossils.

As part of Brain Awareness Week, a group of 15 students also got to attend a special ‘Brain Lab: Thinking Tissue’ session.  The students followed a fictional patient’s brain surgery work, from pre-diagnosis and diagnosis, to sampling the tumour, removal of the tumour and then research post-procedure. They had the opportunity to act like real scientists using real lab equipment such as micropipettes and microscopes. It was a fascinating workshop and the students were dying to get their scrubs on! Take a look at the photos of the day by clicking here.

RGS Watches the Solar Eclipse!

Redland Green School students came out of their classrooms this morning to experience the rare phenomenon of the solar eclipse.

As we walked out in the eerie dusk-like sunshine there was a definite feeling of excitement. The lower school students gathered on the astro pitch. Ms Bott, Curriculum Team Leader of Science, had ordered in special eclipse glasses that were being handed around to students, so they could see the eclipse. And impressively, a large number of students had made their own pin hole cameras to watch the spectacle on.

Post 16 students were watching the progress of the moon move in front of the sun up on the school roof. They were creating special films to put in front of their cameras to be able take pictures of the eclipse. Go to our gallery to see the pictures.

Science Week 2015 at RGS

Science Week starts next week and what better way to kick off than with an action packed day to @Bristol!

Year 8 are visiting @Bristol and their day will start with a Glow Show, which is a high-energy live show full of colourful demonstrations. Students will learn why things glow in the dark, how fireworks make fabulous colours and they will even make objects invisible!

Students will also attend a ‘Fossils and Evolution’ workshop in the classrooms. This workshop allows students to travel back in time to discover what rocks and fossils can tell us about the history of life on Earth. There will also be some free time to explore the exhibits around the centre.

The theme of this year's Science Week is centred around 'Bristol Green Capital' and the 150th anniversary of the Suspension Bridge and activities will start from 16 March and conclude on 27 March.


Year 7 will be involved in a 'green' project: 'Who can invent the greenest meal?'

As part of Bristol Green Capital students will invent a plate of food explaining why it is green. They will be considering food miles, energy efficient food, organic vs intensive farming, then designing their plate of food and presenting their meal.

Year 8 will be inventing a device or invention to solve a green issue. 

Students have to identify the environmental issues that we have locally and globally and then identify the issue their team will tackle. They need to design, model and test their invention. The winning teams get to take their projects to the Big Bang Fair at the University of Exeter.

Year 9 students will be involved in a project to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Bristol Suspension Bridge: 'Who is Bristol’s new Brunel?

In history the students will study Brunel and the building of the suspension bridge. In geography students will look at how they would build a bridge now in Bristol taking into consideration sustainability issues to link with Bristol Green Capital and in science they will build their own model of a suspension bridge, which will be tested to see who has made the strongest.

Year 10 and 11 students will have an assembly on Bristol Green Capital and there will be a talk during science week and Year 12 Biologists are working on a biology project and their models will be displayed in the post 16 atrium.

Plus, we have the solar eclipse on Friday, 20 March as an added bonus (click here for more info)! 

So a fantastic science week has been planned for students this year! Keep an eye on the website for updates, news and photographs.



Sir David Attenborough Filming a Marsh Frog at Redland Green School

Last year, we were delighted to welcome Sir David Attenborough and his film crew to Redland Green School to film a scene of his new television programme 'Natural Curiosities' in one of our science labs. This was particularly exciting as we are a Specialist Science School.

Humble Bee Films kindly provided us with a clip of the programme to put on our website. Thank you Humble Bee Films

So to watch a frozen Marsh Frog come back to 'life' click on the video below! It is fascinating and was filmed in one of Redland Green's science labs.

Sir David Attenborough Filming a Marsh Frog at Redland Green School from Redland Green School on Vimeo.

Watch Sir David on UKTV Watch Channel 8pm on Tuesdays.

Bristol Evening Post Covers Science Week @RGS!

Before the Easter holidays we were delighted to welcome the Evening Post to school to show them all the hard work we had been doing on our Science Week projects (see below for more details).

To read the article in the Evening Post click here.

To have a look at the photo gallery of the visit click here.

Science Week 2014: Post 16 Museum Exhibits

Click here to see a photo gallery of our A Level student's science museum exhibits.

Our A-level Biology students will be competing to create the best museum exhibit on an organism of their choice.  They will be on show in the Post 16 Atrium from Monday, 17 March for 2 weeks and students and teachers can vote for the best exhibit. The winner will be announced during the last week of term.

Science Week 2014: Year 8 Trip to @Bristol

At the beginning of this week our Year 8 students visited @Bristol for a day of scientific exploration! The day kicked off with a fascinating workshop titled, Explore your Universe…atoms to astrophysics!

Students developed their understanding of fundamental topics such as fields, electromagnetic radiation, charged particles and how we observe our Universe.

Year 8 Science Week 2014 visit to @Bristol from Redland Green School on Vimeo.

Year 8 Science Week 2014 trip to @Bristol from Redland Green School on Vimeo.

The workshop also looked at different types of light including infrared and what that means; and Ferrofluid and its interesting properties when it reacts to magnets. The students made some interesting Ferrofluid patterns! 

Ferrofluid with a magnet underneath it

Throughout the workshop leader involved the students through a number of interesting experiments and demonstrations.

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The students then had some free time to go around @Bristol and explore the exhibits and activities. The ones favoured by students seemed to be the ‘TV station’, where students could film themselves on TV, and the animation activities. 

One student, Isaac W, spent an hour getting the rope off the 3D puzzle, which showed great perseverance! Mr Wilson gave up after 10 minutes!

Then the trip was rounded off by an excellent ‘Spectacular Show’, which looked at spectacular science through the ages. Using liquid nitrogen, light sabers and lasers the show explored how we know what we know about the world around us, and looked at how discoveries and developments in technology can help us learn more and more about the world.

The students all seemed to enjoy their trip out to @Bristol. One student said of the trip: “Was that physics? I like physics now!” Another student stated, “Excellent assembly. Excellent Trip!”

Finally, we would like to thank @Bristol for all their help with our visit.

Science Week 2014: Making Sweet Scientific Music

This week marks the start of RGS’s Science and Engineering Week, where the school sees the most extensive programme of science activity and events yet in the history of the school!

This year the theme is music and science and over the next three weeks students will be involved in exciting and creative scientific investigations looking at the science of music!

The programme of events: 

Finally, our A-level Biology students will be competing to create the best museum exhibit on an organism of their choice.  They will be on show in the Post 16 Atrium from Monday, 17 March for 2 weeks and students and teachers can vote for the best exhibit. The winner will be announced during the last week of term.

Redland Green School is a Science School and we are proud to be at the forefront of science teaching and extending science throughout the curriculum and into the local community.


Recent Science and Maths GCSE Results Success!

Redland Green School is thrilled with our GCSE science and maths results and the achievement of our students reflecting their hard work and the quality of the teaching and support provided by science and maths staff at the school.

These results reflects the school’s commitment in striving for the highest achievement in science and maths, and across the whole curriculum, for all our students.


STEM Photo Galleries

Click here to take a look at our STEM photo galleries... 


Science Week 2013

We have an action packed Science Week each year. And this year we were once again delighted to welcome into school Tropical Inc. with their variety of tropical animals to meet our Year 8 students.



Ella Bryant, an artist, carried out a cyanotype workshop, which is an old photography technique, with some of our Year 8 students.


Our Year 8 students also carried out a project where they had to create a pinhole camera and take a picture with it, with varying results! 



Future Brunels Scheme

The Future Brunel Scheme is a five-year enrichment programme run by the Brunel Institute based at the ss Great Britain. RGS were lucky enough to be one of only four schools from Bristol to be selected to take part in this exciting opportunity. Three Year 7 students each year are selected to take part and the aim is to foster and develop the student’s interests in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) in an attempt to inspire the students to follow in the footsteps of Isambard Kingdom Brunel himself. The scheme was launched two years ago. To read more about this scheme click here.


RGS Welcomed Sir David Attenborough to the School

Earlier on this year, Redland Green School was honoured and privileged to welcome Sir David Attenborough to the school. He visited the school, along with his film crew from Humblebee Films, to film a section for the second series of Natural Curiosities, which will be shown on UKTV’s Eden Channel in the autumn. To read more about his visit click here.