Redland Green School

RGS Bristol

Spiritual Moral Social and Cultural Learning at Redland Green School


Students’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural (SMSC) development is good as a result of the many deliberate opportunities provided through the mentor programme, timetabled lessons and opportunities outside the classroom. Lesson observations and records of behaviour and attendance evidence the positive learning community that exists at the school and the contribution that students make to this positive ethos through their regularly considerate actions. The development of SMSC is a core component of APEX and LVS (Life, Value and Society) lessons and exists as a cross-curricular theme in all subject areas. The school’s active and effective involvement in programmes such as Cybermentors, the Assist project, the Student Council, prefects, young leaders, Junior Sports Leadership Award, Future Brunels, Gang Green and anti-bullying workshops further promote students’ active citizenship, enhancing their moral and social development. Redland Green School’s programme has been commended by the lead for SMSC in the county and used as an exemplar of good practice for other schools.

Personal insight and spiritual development

High participation of students in opportunities such as school productions, charity events (e.g. Sport Relief, Free the Children) is evidence of students embracing new experiences which broaden their understanding.

Moral understanding and relationships

Students show a keen interest in ethical issues and demonstrate responsible responses to moral dilemmas as evidenced by the positive behaviour records and the judgments on behaviour within lesson observation records.  Students have shown they can reassess values in the light of experiences.

Social development and skills

Incidents of anti-social behaviour are rare, bullying log/survey shows few recorded incidents and where bullying does occur, it is tackled effectively. Various surveys show a ‘good’ response in the areas of ‘developing confidence’, ‘community spirit’ and ‘control of bullying’. 

Understanding and respect for different cultures

Students engage well with those from different backgrounds.  High levels of student motivation to support local groups e.g. Claremont students as well as national/international schemes e.g. Free the Children, language exchange programme. 

The school’s promotion of SMSC and community cohesion

A wide range of opportunities to develop SMSC exist and participation is high. Considerate behaviour of students towards peers, staff and visitors to the school is evidence of students’ SMSC development.

Redland Green School is not complacent about the current level of excellence.  This is a self-knowing school with an awareness of what needs to be improved to continue to be outstanding and the desire and expertise to bring about these improvements.

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