Redland Green School

RGS Bristol

Stages Dance Competition 2009

The Year 7 dance group was selected to take part in the next round of the Stages competition. This Gala show took place on the 29 April 2009 at Colston Hall. Over 50 schools had taken part in the first round of the Stages competition ranging from primary schools to professional dance groups such as Kinesis. Consequently it was a fantastic achievement to be selected as one of 24 schools to take part in the Gala show which showcased the best dancers from across Bristol. It was a nerve racking experience performing in front of a packed audience at the Colston Hall but the girls did Redland Green School proud and performed their dance (choreographed by Ms Langham) superbly. Congratulations to all who took part and many thanks to Ms Langham for all her hard work and expertise in dance club this year.







Dancers: Issi, Holly, Caitlin, Rose, Raphaelle, Helena, Evie, Holly, Rebecca, Abigail, Charlotte, Jordan, Molly, Florence, Alana, Lara.