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Comprehension Websites

The following websites can be used for pupils to develop improved comprehension skills. Click on the link to be taken to the site, close the window when you have finished.
Amazing site - thousands of free educational website links to save you the time of having to search for sites.
View their Literacy Zone (7 - 11).
A site which offers ideas for tasks in different subjects.
For pupils who need help with sentence work or for pupils who may be learning English as another language.

Study skills : reading exercises.
Good source of comprehension tasks.
Comprehension activities linked to short stories/passages.
Comprehension related to the Lord of the Rings (more able students).
Reading Comprehension SATs (USA) tests. These tests would be suitable for average to more able students.
Comprehension strategies. Mainly for parents to help support their son/daughter.
Advice and Strategies for parents helping struggling readers.
Visual dictionary. A good resource.
Site for comprehension. Use the free samples.
Important website for many topics including comprehension.
An excellent word game for learning new words. Tests comprehension of words.

SAT Prep Resource Guide