Redland Green School

RGS Bristol

English as a Second Language Websites
An excellent interactive website with instant feedback and support.

This is geared to children who are learning to read. This programme can take you from beginning reading to medium intermediate.

English Zone
This is a pay to use website but there are lots of activities you can use as a guest. It does seem to be a high quality site and some of the graded reading exercises seem to be excellent. For free use just click on the glasses symbol for a guest member. An American website.

The British Council website for learning English. Some very good features.

BBC World Service Learn English
A large resource offering tips on pronunciation including the use of phonetics. There are interactive and downloadable activities and materials which can be used for self-study or for teachers with lower-intermediate students.

English Club
Lessons, games, videos and more.

Information from the website on learning English.

Enchanted Learning
Very good for languages as well as a range of subjects.

Vocabulary and word reading - ESOL
An excellent word game for learning new words. Tests comprehension of words.

P Dictionary
Picture Dictionary for Learning Support, MFL or ESOL.

PBS Kids
Visual dictionary. A good resource.