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Numeracy Websites

The following websites are sources for developing numeracy skills. Click on the link to be taken to the site. Close the window when you have finished.

Learn Anytime Maths
Amazing site - thousands of free educational website links to save you the time of having to search for sites.

Woodlands Junior School Maths
An excellent Numeracy Zone (7 - 11).

Maths Zone
Loads of interactive maths resources. Click on the KS1/2 tab at the top. KS1/2 are fully developed but KS3/4 will take more time.

Maths Rice
A fun Maths (and other subjects) website. Answer questions for charity!

Math Playground
Practise your maths skills, play a logic game and have some fun.

Ambleside Primary Maths
View their Numeracy Hour section.

Harcourts School Maths Glossary
Maths glossary.

Harcourt School Maths Advantage
Another excellent website with a good variety of tasks including some real life maths.

Harcourt School 3D Shapes
Recognising 3D shapes; interactive site.

HB School Glossary

NLVM Maths
3-5 and 6-8 grade range most appropriate.

Maths Net
A wide range of quizzes based on the National Curriculum.

Teaching Money
Click on this website to do some work on money.

Just In Time
Click on this website to do some work on the clock.

Nrich Maths
This is good for mathematical thinking but may be difficult.

Bgfl Measures
This is good for learning units of measurement. Click on measures.

BBC Schools Parents 
Advice for parents on Numeracy and other topics.

EduPlace Maths
Numeracy Help: You need to choose the grade and check its index to find the topic/tutorial you want.

EduPlace Glossary 
Select the 'e-Glossary' board.
Maths e-glossary plus maths tutorials.

Number Nut
Maths glossary. Very clear layout and concise explanations.

Maths Dictionary for Kids 
Maths dictionary.

My Science Site
Science & Maths site.

PDS Kids Maths
Maths games.

Excellent maths website, not just games. Some presentations for staff as well.