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Reading Websites and Resources

The following sites and pdf documents are sources for developing reading. 

BBC Article on Reading

How children read & how reading is taught in schools from the BBC.

DfES on Reading

Suggestions from the DfES for parents who want to help their children at the initial stages.

DfES Questions & Answers

Answers to common questions that concern parents with suggested actions.

Five Finger Rule

A simple method that parents and pupils can use to decide if a book is suitable for them to read and practical suggestions helping parents to get involved at home.

Helping Remedial and Reluctant Readers

Strategies to assist these students in the secondary content classroom with topics including; Understanding Student Readers, Distinguishing Between Students Who Cannot Read and Those Who Will Not Read and Specific Techniques for Helping Struggling Readers

Reading is Fundamental

How parents can encourage teenagers to read - practical suggestions.

Reluctant Readers

Practical suggestions to help teachers prepare accessible materials.

Using Non-Fiction to Motivate Reluctant Readers

Practical examples showing why non-fiction texts can remove the feeling that books 'are too young' for reluctant readers. Ideas for engaging students.
Amazing site - thousands of free educational website links to save you the time of having to search for sites.
View their Literacy Zone (7 - 11).
View their Literacy Hour section.
Grammar glossary.
A site which offers ideas for tasks in different subjects.
Beginning readers and spellers.
Beginning reading.
Fiction and non-fiction work.
A site which can provide current news articles which can be used for finding sounds.
Very basic early reading stories and questions.
For pupils who need help with sentence work or for pupils who may be learning English as another language.
Advice and strategies for parents helping struggling readers.
For supporting pupils to develop ideas for poetry.

ESOL Section
Printable stories - intermediate.

Study skills : reading exercises.
English department.
Word game.
For beginner readers who want a more light-hearted approach.
Lots of ideas, worksheets and some interactive programmes mainly for beginning readers.
Learning to read through phonic sounds, segmenting and blending.
Offers a variety of reading and spelling ideas or interactive tasks.
Current affairs news articles. This is a realistic way for an adult to share reading and knowledge of what is going on in the world with their son or daughter. Without adult support competent readers only.

There are a large number of books for all abilities available online.
Many classics which can now be accessed online. Motivational appeal may vary but the reading books are graded sensibly for progression.

If you want some guidance the materials provided by have been sorted into the following groups:

Another set of well graded books from can be found at this site. You can choose the age range. For pupils who have struggled with reading start at 6 to 9. Some comic style books. Books come in many different languages but it does take time to sort through to find the best ones.
Use this link to start searching: childrensbooksonline - simple search.
A set of interactive books which the computer reads and your son or daughter can read along with.
Books to read on line. They seem to jump from beginning reading to intermediate plus with no low intermediate books.
A set of graded reading books.
A set of e book for intermediate readers. Some books are quite long.
Beatrix Potter collection.
An e-book which deals with the important issue of bullying. It also gives advice as to what pupils might do to deal with bullies. Follow the download instructions on the page carefully as you will need to download Digital Book Web Reader if you want to view this online. Beginning reader to Intermediate level.
Ghost stories. Nice size font but the reader needs to be at intermediate level.
Library of books which have not been graded.
Many classics which are long reads.
Free audio books.
Woodlands Junior School offers a small selection of books mainly for younger pupils or very early readers.

Try these links for some information on Phonemic awareness and how it can help children develop their reading.
An American website offering advice for children, parents and teachers.

Some of the English for Speakers of Other Languages websites are also helpful for some reading and reading comprehension exercises.
An excellent interactive website with instant feedback and support.
This is a pay to use website but there are lots of activities you can use as a guest. It does seem to be a high quality site and some of the graded reading exercises seem to be excellent. For free use just click on the glasses symbol for a guest member. Once again American website.
Fiction and non-fiction work.