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Spelling Websites and Resources

The following sites and resources seem to offer good support for learning spellings. 

Basic 250 Keywords

The first 100, next 100 and final 50 words presented on a mark sheet with spaces to record 2 test results.

Can't Spell, Won't Spell
Some simple suggestions for parents and students to learn spellings together.

DfES Tips for Spelling
Guidance from the DfES for parents to support students with learning spelling.

Secondary School Keywords
This list of spellings was compiled by a number of secondary schools who all identified the following words as common errors among this age group. There is a general list followed by many subject specific lists including; Art, D&T, English, Geography, History, ICT, Library, Mathematics, Music, PE, PSHE, RE & Science.

Spelling Help
This list shows 100 of the most often misspelled words with simple suggestions for activities.

Tips for Learning Spellings
Ideas to be used as a starting point to generate classroom activities.
Amazing site - thousands of free educational website links to save you the time of having to search for sites.
View their Literacy Zone (7 - 11)
A well structured and motivating interactive tool for learning spellings.
A Look, Cover, Write, Check method for learning spellings.
Provides ideas for working and some interactive sites.
Useful for beginning spelling.
Fiction and non-fiction work.
Picture Dictionary for Learning Support, MFL or ESOL.
Picture dictionaries, MFL, ESOL.
Not the most motivating but does offer some subject vocabulary lists.
A spelling and reading tool. Instructs on most sounds.
A straightforward interactive tool but may not have the best clarity of speech. Lots of word lists.
Quite good for suffixes, wordsearches and spellings but the instructions are lacking.
Useful for strategies and tips. You need to be able to register to use the interactive sites.
Some useful ideas and interactive activities for beginning spelling.
A useful source for printing out articles for sound searches.
Spelling and grammar.