Redland Green School

RGS Bristol

Teen People by Mark Rees (Playwright)

Redland Green School put a team forward to perform in Bristol’s One Act Play Festival. The team consisted of Year 8 and 9 students who performed a play called ‘Teen People’ in the final.  Kaya, one of the performers said “I could hardly believe it was true, it was like a dream come true.”


The final took place on Tuesday 28 April 2009 at Iron Acton; the competition was called Five Counties competition. There were three finalists and Redland Green School came second.


One student enthused “it was a great experience to perform in a theatre and I really enjoyed the whole experience.”


Special praise goes to Luke and Lucy who won best supporting actor and actress of the festival and Miss Woodbury who directed the play.


'This first entry into the Festival by Redland Green School certainly made a strong impression.  Under the firm guidance of their director, Miss Woodbury, the young people gave an energetic and disciplined performance.  Teen People is set in 2055 and explores what life might be like for teenagers in a military style camp where parents do not exist and any form of humanity is non-existent.  Excellent teamwork on the part of the 15 young people, combined with sharp delivery of the many one-liners, ensured that this spirited performance achieved an impressive standard.  The organisers hope that this is the first of many entries from Redland Green School.'

Review from Festival Magazine Prompt