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Growth Mindset

At Redland Green School we encourage our students to have a 'growth mindset' and we talk to them using 'growth mindset' language. This encourages them to see that intelligence can be developed, criticism as a vehicle for improvement and effort as the path to mastery. To find out more about Growth Mindset download the presentation below. 

Nadiya, GBBO: A Great Example of a Growth Mindset

Interviews/Videos of Dr Carol Dweck

Dr Dweck developed the idea of the Growth Mindset, the idea that we can grow our brain's capacity to learn and to solve problems. Click on the youtube videos below, which are a number of interviews with Dr Carol Dweck, to learn more!

Dr Carol Dweck, Growth Mindsets:


Dr Carol Dweck, Developing a Growth Mindset:



Carol Dweck, A Study on Praise and Mindsets:


Growth Mindset: Top 10 Tips for Developing Growth Mindset

This is a blog link aimed at teachers, but it can easily be related to parents and their children. It contains some great information to develop a growth mindset in our young people. To take a look click here

Growth Mindset: Website on Growth Mindsets

Click here to access this interesting website on growth mindsets. 

How praise can harm young people and how to use praise:

Click here to access an article on this.