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Partnership with Hope Foundation School, Bhuj, India 2017-2018

As we come to the end of another school year, we can be pleased about the interaction that has taken place in partnership with Hope Foundation School.

Students at both Redland Green School and Hope Foundation School have had the opportunity, through the partnership, to be enriched by experiencing life in such different countries and cultures.

In February, 14 year 10 students visited Hope Foundation School and had an amazing time experiencing much of the lifestyle of the Indian students, both in the school environment and in their homes.

Many curriculum areas have interacted with Hope Foundation School undertaking different projects. In many cases students have collaborated via skype, shared their work via post and email.

Geography have discussed the Gujarat earthquake of 2001 that caused 1 in 5 people in Bhuj to lose their lives.

ADT have made juggling balls and paintings in an Indian style.

English have looked at Indian and UK stories and written letters to each other

APEX have undertaken a project investigating Hope Foundation and sharing portfolios with them.



Science have compared soils in the UK with India 

Our fundraising over the year has brought in £3700 enabling 40 children to go to school. This has been through the efforts of many students with food days, car washing, the drama performance, non-uniform day, projects in curriculum areas and sponsors. It makes such a difference to the prospects of the children to enable them to have an education, the possibility of climbing out of poverty, and have aspirations for their lives.


If you wish to help by sponsoring a child at Hope Foundation School, please complete the sponsor form on the International page of the school website and send it in to the school reception.

Mr Peters (International Coordinator)


 Partnership with Hope Foundation School, Bhuj, India 2016-2017

As the school year comes to an end in India, with temperatures expecting to rise to 50 degrees centigrade, we look back on a good year in partnership with Hope Foundation School.

Students at both Redland Green School and Hope Foundation School have the opportunity through the partnership to be enriched by experiencing life in such different countries and cultures. Furthermore, Hope Foundation School is very grateful for the opportunity to be in partnership, sharing in activities and receiving funds. Agilan, the Head of Hope Foundation School, expresses thanks to the parent and teacher sponsors of students at Hope Foundation School, and those involved in fundraising activities. It makes such a difference to the prospects of the children to enable them to have an education, the possibility of climbing out of poverty, and have aspirations for their lives.

In Bhuj the year started with Independence Day, a national day of celebration, during which all dress for the occasion and parade at the school.



During the year a number of other festivals have been celebrated with some details being shared with us during our regular skype sessions and collaborative assemblies. They had a festival called Uttarayan on the 14th of January which is called the festival of Kites.  During this festival students visit friends and relatives, exchange sweets and get involved in kite flying. Even girls were involved as not normally allowed by parents.

Alongside fire drills, common to both schools, Bhuj has earthquake drills. It is an earthquake prone place, with occasional tremors in the aftermath of the large earthquake killing 1 in 5 people in 2001. The students are trained with running to safety and staying calm.


Over the course of our partnership with Hope Foundation School, now ongoing for 3.5 years, we have managed to raise £14,500 enabling 40 children to attend school over that period of time. Going forward our aspirations is to continue this and aim to increase our support if possible.

During the partnership we have collaborated with Hope Foundation School in many ways as follows:-


Alongside the contributions from our valuable sponsors, we have continued to have fundraising events in school such as non-uniform days, world food events, car washing, quiz nights, the sale of crafts made at Hope Foundation School, and funds raised alongside curriculum projects.

Hope Foundation School has gained respect in Bhuj through their work with the children and the link with the UK and the parents are pleased that their children can now have aspirations for their future.

If you wish to help by sponsoring a child at Hope Foundation School, please complete the sponsor form on the International page of the school website and send it in to the school reception.

Mr Peters

International Coordinator

Child Sponsorship at Hope Foundation School in Bhuj, India

Sponsoring a child is a fantastic way to help give a child a better future. It costs £10 per month to give a child an education. If you would like to sponsor a child for £10 or £5 a month please download the sponsorship form by clicking here. Please return the form to Main Reception or email it to

Year 10 Trip to Hope Foundation School

February 2016 - follow their adventures on @RGSInter

International Award Ceremony

Recently RGS was accredited with the International School Award (ISA), from the British Council recognising our International links and work we do, which further enhances our student's learning experience at school.

Mr Peters and Ms Curran went to London to the International Award Ceremony to collect our award. For more information on our international activities click on the link below:








RGS Achieved Full International School Award

We are delighted to announce that Redland Green School has been successful in being accredited for the International School Award (ISA), from the British Council.

This award recognises the International links and work we do at Redland Green School, which further enhances our student's learning experience at school. Please take a look at our International page for details of our International activities and details of our partners school in India.

Below are some of the assessor’s comments on our International activies, which highlights the areas where they found our activities particularly impressive and points to take note as we continue to develop the international dimension of our school:

"...You have met the success criteria for the ISA and it is our pleasure, therefore, to recommend Redland Green School for the Accreditation level of the International School Award. Your partnership with your Indian partner school is also excellent and offers a great deal of scope for building a meaningful and sustainable relationship in the future as well as the facility for embedding foreign language teaching and learning into your curriculum, as required by the ISA. It would be very exciting to introduce elements of one of the languages of India into your linguistic repertoire as the vehicles for engaging with the global themes that you have decided to study... Your plans for sustaining and extending your international journey are impressive. In addition to the activities you have placed, your work would be greatly enhanced if you could make efforts to reach out to other schools and the wider community in a broader ambassadorial capacity, involving encouraging, assisting and mentoring other schools specifically to follow your example and engage more closely with internationalism by beginning the journey towards attaining the ISA...Once again, congratulations on the work you have done so far and best wishes for your continued success in the future. Well done". The British Council

Hope Foundation School Visit to RGS

Last week we had the pleasure of welcoming Agilan (Headteacher of Hope Foundation School) and Shankari (Agilan’s wife) to Redland Green School. They were visiting from our partner school in Bhuj, Gujarat, India.

They had a well-organised week at Redland Green School, packed with APEX, English, science and sports lessons. They also had the opportunity to visit Claremont School, dance with students and meet students involved with internationalism projects.

At the beginning of the week Agilan gave a detailed presentation to Year 7, 8 and 9. This included a slide show, which displayed the culture of India and gave an insight to their everyday school life.

They met students involved in Skype sessions with Hope Foundation School and discussed how to further develop meaningful and mutually beneficial relationships between the two schools. Several ideas were suggested and discussed including Edmodo posts, sharing mentor time activities (e.g. thought for the day, assemblies) and creating joint projects.

At the end of their visit Agilan and Shankari met the Global Group students that organise funding for the Hope Foundation School. The students discussed future ideas for events they were proposing to have. Agilan in turn was happy to see the motivation from the students.

This visit was very meaningful to all of us at Redland Green School, and we hope to welcome them back soon again.

To view the photo gallery click on the link below:

Mrs P Kaur

Student Supervisor

Global Group Weekly Market Stall

The Global Group are proud to present a new venture in the form of a weekly market stall, every Wednesday lunchtime in The Street. 

We will be selling various crafts made by the teachers and students at our partner school Hope Foundation in Bhuj, India. All money goes directly back to the school in order to fund the local students attending school.
Prices start from as little as £1.00 and we have lots of original items such as bowls, bracelets, hair slides and Joomars. If you want to know what a Joomar is come along and find out! 
Students have been working very hard to set it up and would be grateful for your support. 
The market stall opens today and every Wednesday in Term 6, The Street 1.05-1.45pm.


World Food Day: Article in the Bristol Post

We were delighted to welcome a Bristol Post photographer to our World Food Day last week.

To read the article in the Bristol Post (dated 10/12/14) about our second World Food Day click here.

RGS's 2nd World Food Day!

A resounding success!

Yesterday (4 December 2014) Redland Green School held its second annual World Food Day in the Post 16 Atrium with all proceeds from the day going to our partner school in Bhuj, India, the Hope Foundation School.

What a vibrant event it was with over 20 food and drinks stalls run by students and staff, providing a range of lunchtime snacks, food and drinks, representing the diverse cultures of RGS and Bristol. We saw Spanish, Mexican, Asian, Indian and French name just a few! Sweet and savoury! To see some pictures of the event click here! 

Hope Foundation Visit to Redland Green School

At the end of October (2014) we enjoyed a visit by 2 teachers from Hope Foundation School. They spent time with students and teachers having a tour of the school and working with curriculum areas to set up projects that are to be undertaken through the coming year. These will include student communication with India during mentor times, projects in art, science, English, and music, continuing with the craft business set up last year and various other events. 

The day was also a non-uniform day to raise money for Hope Foundation School, during which nearly £1000 was raised enabling 10 students to be able to go to school in India.

During the same week we also started a child sponsorship initiative at parents evenings with a number of Post 16 students raising awareness of the partner school in India and inviting parents to sponsor a child for £10 a month enabling them to get an education and give themselves potential for their futures. A few parents have taken this up and we encourage others to support us in this initiative to give children an opportunity of education through Hope Foundation School that they would otherwise not have.

RGS World Food Market Successfully Raised over £1000!

One evening last week RGS held our very first World Food Market in our famous 'Street', providing much needed fuel for staff, students and parents! 

It was a vibrant and busy event with guests appreciating the culinary skills of our students from Year 7 to Year 12, with cuisines from around the planet. Entertainment was provided in the form of music from some of our talented students and staff. 

The event raised over £1000 for Hope Foundation and our partner school in Bhuj, India.

Click here to see the photographs. 

RGSInternational Launches

Keep up to date with the numerous international projects that the school is involved with by following us on Twitter. Search for @RGSInter to find out more!

Hope International School

Redland Green School have decided to partner with Hope Foundation School, a school of 300 students between the ages of 6 and 15 in Bhuj, Gujarat, India.

On 26 January 2001 one of the most devastating and deadliest earthquakes in the beginning of the 21st Century occurred in Gujarat, killing twenty thousand people in the region. Three important towns of Bhuj, Anjar, and Bacchau were destroyed, with more than 50% of the people in the earthquake-hit areas migrated to neighbouring states.

The Indian charity ‘HOPE Foundation’ established a centre in Bhuj following the earthquake, creating a mini-hospital and Hope Foundation English-medium school. The school is located in the Ashapura Nagar slum, near the domestic airport, Kutch. The school has been a rallying point for the residents of Bhuj as their children chart out a new future for themselves and their families. Although Bhuj is no longer the same since the earthquake, the establishment of the school has lifted the spirit of the people. The construction of the school has given confidence to the people, who had lost a number of their children in the disaster, crushed under the walls of their school classrooms.

Hope Foundation School currently caters for primary and secondary age children up to Year 9 equivalent. The intention is to extend this to Year 10 and Year 11 equivalent over the next 2 years. The school also provides a vocational training centre for further education. Mrs Perly Noel is the Headteacher, and Mr Christopher Noel is the Partnership Co-Ordinator, and we were very pleased to meet them with their children on a recent visit to Redland Green to set up the partnership. They went into a number of classes and met the student council and senior leadership team during the visit.

The partnership will enable students at both schools to become more informed global citizens, and lead to an enriched education with an international perspective. It is hoped that there will be opportunities for both teacher and student exchanges between the schools as the partnership progresses.

Some exciting projects are underway to both bring together classes in the schools, and to raise funds for the Hope Foundation school. These include trading goods made in India, a World Food Day and work between students in science, music, ICT, English, geography and maths. It is intended that students and teachers will collaborate and gain an understanding of their cultures and new areas of learning.

It is hoped that we will also set up opportunities for students, teachers and parents to sponsor students at Hope Foundation School to enable them to go to school and receive an education. To be able to go to school in India is a privilege, as the government does not provide an education for everyone to a level that gives them an opportunity for a good future.

Staff at the school

For further information email

Mr J Peters on behalf of the

Redland Green/Hope Foundation Partnership

From a Student at the Hope Foundation School...

“I never want to leave this school. I am happy here.”

This special note of acknowledgment comes to us from teenager Govind Singh Chadda who is studying at our school in Bhuj, Gujarat. Govind has come a long way since his first day here. Hardened by a tough life on the streets, Govind found it difficult to settle in, initially. The fact that he was older than most of his classmates further alienated him from them. But his teachers were determined to give him all the time and the patience he needed. They made sure he had a chance at a better life. With barely enough to make ends meet, Govind’s parents were unable to afford school for their two sons. His father works as an automobile mechanic while his mother is a tailor. Govind’s uncle stepped in to sponsor the education of his older brother – he could afford only one of them. After we learned of this, we offered to help and enrolled Govind into the HOPE Foundation school. Today, we are proud to say that Govind is doing well in school and fared exceptionally well in English in the recent term exams. One of his teachers says,“This is a giant leap for someone like Govind. He has come a long way.” Drop a line to wish Govind many more ‘giant leaps’!

World Food Day 2013

On Thursday, 19 December the Redland Green Post 16 Students held World Food day in the Post 16 Atrium, with over 15 food stalls run by students and staff. They provided a huge range of lunchtime snacks and drinks, representing the diverse cultures of RGS and Bristol. All proceeds taken during the lunch will go to our Hope Foundation partner school in Bhuj, India. Take a look at the photographs of World Food Day below...

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